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23 September 2013,

Cervia is a touristic city in Emilia-Romagna with a nine-kilometre-long beach and this place is chosen each year by thousands of visitors and travellers as holiday town.
Each street corner offers peculiar emotions.

Cervia’s historical centre and the area around its salt warehouses, which were built at the end of 17th century, remind visitors of their saltpans past.
Originally called Ficocle, it was destroyed in 709 by patrician Theodore.

The centre was rebuilt more times and the Medieval city, according to the legend, was built by Frederick Barbarossa.
Nowadays in Cervia you can find the friendliness that belongs to the local outlook and concept of life focusing on openness, enjoyment and intellectual curiosity.

You can discover a unique ecosystem in this area, very interesting  from the biological and naturalistic point of view, that can be visited by divers a few kilometres off the coast. Nature plays a relevant role in this district.
In Cervia there are countless chances to taste the dishes and products of Romagna and the great seafood from the Adriatic sea. Just enjoy the many typical local dishes which will surely add happiness to your life.

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